Presenting TV PLUS, the Ultimate XBMC Media Center

If you are seeking the very best in Internet media streaming and home entertainment as well as the most complete digital media manager for all of your multi-media content, you`ve certainly come to the right place. We`ve meticulously configured the X ACT TV PLUS System to provide you with optimal & lasting performance for streaming Movies, Sports, Adult, Kids & Music, all available anytime on demand from your personal media collection as well as an infinite choice & variety always available on the Internet.

And If that wasn`t enough, control the whole experience from anywhere in your home right from your smart-phone or tablet with the FREE included remote control!

Don`t be fooled by lookalikes, If it`s not X ACT TV PLUS, it`s NOT the REAL THING!


X ACT TV PLUS is Simply Superior

Our powerful XIOS processor, the graphics engine and the most up to date software configurations deliver the smoothest, crispest and highest quality navigation & streams in full 1080p HD Quality. Every aspect of the user interface & programming has been optimized by our expert staff in collaboration with Pivos and XBMC to produce the very best audio & video experience. With over 12 years of experience and knowing all too well exactly what consumers are looking for in a total media solution as well as the service that is needed to support you long term, TV PLUS is the only device that truly delivers beyond expectations.


You`re not just buying another media BOX!

Your TV PLUS Media Player is at the very heart of your entire viewing and listening experience and as such we use only the best and build our system exclusively with the Pivos Technologies Group’s XIOS DS M3 media player platform. As an authorized reseller, we deploy a tailored Linux operating system to offer you the very best performing device on the market. Others make big claims that they can make XBMC work on cheaper hardware and on other operating systems but who wants second best? Sure you can buy a similar system for less, then you`re stuck with slow performance and inferior quality HD streams, what`s the point? We are the only platform of its type that is fully supported by XBMC, the most sophisticated and user friendly Media Player software in the World!


Buy it ONCE & Say GOODBYE to those RIDICULOUS monthly Bills!

A true solution to forever reducing or cancelling those ridiculous monthly Cable or Satellite bills saving you Hundreds a month and Thousands of $$$ dollars per year!

No More Monthly Fees! Unlike Apple®, Netflix® & Sirius® that charge you per usage, with TV PLUS there are no usage fees, monthly subscriptions or any pay per use costs. Our system works on a very simple principle of streaming only FREE Internet media content. There is an abundance of free Internet media such as Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, Adult, and Music content that anyone can access with a computer however it can be tiresome, time consuming and simply frustrating to find, download and play. Who has the time? Plus who wants to watch TV on a tiny computer screen and expose your computer to all the potential viruses found on the Internet when you can click and watch instantly on your big screen in the living or family room. Listening to your favorite music on thousands of stations from round the world, commercial free, never sounded so good on your home theatre system. The TV PLUS System brings the Internet streaming to your TV in full 1080p HD quality in a few clicks of your remote. No hassle, No Downloads, No Cost, Just Pure Entertainment and YES, it’s all FREE!

Tell the cable, satellite and digital radio company you`re done spending on big programming packages that are overpriced!

Come over to a better & friendlier place and settle in to the comfort your X ACT TV PLUS Streaming Media System with no recurring costs.


Enjoy Commercial Free HD TV

Who needs or wants to watch 10 minutes of commercials for every 30 minutes of television, have these large corporations and broadcasters gone completely mad?

There is an abundance of free and completely legal content on the Internet from the multitude of broadcasters and official websites across the web. From every imaginable type of content, local to international, it’s all at your finger tips with The X ACT TV PLUS Media Streaming Player and for the better part, Internet TV is Virtually Commercial Free. Come on in to TV PLUS and let us show you what you`ve been missing!



Many clients compare our product to the jail broken Apple TV. The most obvious difference is that X ACT TV PLUS is NOT a jail broken type of product. We work directly with Pivos and XBMC to develop our system and are fully supported by the manufacturer and the software engineers to offer you a fully legitimate, warranted product that is built to last and offer you lasting multi-media streaming enjoyment.


X ACT TV offers you the very best Value for Your Money!

Please see our NICE Accessories page for more details

Did you know? You can take TV PLUS with you when you travel, all you need is an Internet connection!!!


Avoid a Costly and Non-Refundable MISTAKE!

Don`t be fooled by cheaper lookalikes from hackers and so called un-lockers on the Internet or eBay, they will cost you much more in updates & will fail in the long run. Basement hackers and Internet vendors just clone devices to make a few bucks and then you`re stuck with an inferior product, bad programming & no support or worse yet, pay over and over again for repeated maintenance and  membership to keep your system running.

We are an official manufacturers’ representative in Canada and our devices come with a full 1 year warranty on the hardware & we guarantee that our features & programming to be to be Simply Superior and up to date!

Oh, and if you`re stuck with a previous bad purchase, No Worries, we service a lot of other suppliers poorly programed devices as well!

Did you Know? *The X ACT TV PLUS system can be serviced remotely!



MSRP: $ 280.00 (2 GB model)

(Please inquire with us on our 8, 16 & 32GB configuration models)


 The X ACT Difference

Full 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty on the Hardware via an Authorized Pivos Distributor

Functional Canadian Programming

Professional, Courteous & On-Task After Sales Service

Remote Updates & Upgrades done without ever unplugging your system (when applicable)

Local Montreal based Canadian Company & Distributor with over 12 Years of Consumer Electronics experience ready to Service all of your After Sales needs



Disclaimer: X ACT TV does not host, provide, archive, store, or distribute media of any kind and acts merely as a software integrator & reseller of the X ACT TV PLUS Home Media Steaming System & products with the principal purpose of accessing personal media and that of streaming content from legitimate internet websites for personal home viewing as intended by the various available providers. X ACT TV respects the rights of others and prohibits the use of referenced material for any purpose other than that for which it is intended. We do not have any involvement nor participation with internet media content providers of any kind and as such urge you to use your system responsibly.